Kora luthier from Barcelona with headquerters in Girona (Catalunya).

Handmade quality African Harps made with respect for the music and the Koras traditionally built by the African Manding culture.
I focus myself almost exclusively on the sound and the ergonomics of the instrument almost leaving the decorative aspect, treating it in a very subtle-minimalist way for avoiding that any new step interferes with the final sound, the waves travelling in the instrument and the feedback with the musician. Weights, balances, shapes, proportions, touch... All for keeping the Magical original sound of the Roots √


Showroom of some harps built for sale. Contact me to ask with no problem about the available Koras or contact if you have any doubt or question about anyone. I do national and international shipments.


You will find sound records to get an idea of how the Koras that I build sound like. The records have no added effects them are natural.


Lessons in Barcelona, Girona and via Skype (national + international). Individual ones or in group. Any of these formulas and preferably the possibility of combining all them on the go gives you any excuse to start playing the Kora or continue learning more and more.


On this website I also post personal records of some songs that I have learned (and continue learning) from the Kora repertoire and also from the Harp one; check My Music Corner.
If you want to know more about Kora: the instrument, its music, its culture, its musicians I will be hanging articles in More About Kora that can be interesting to you.

KORA Luthier The West African Manding Harps · contact: kora.manding.harps@gmail.com